• Anne Hedelius

Can Psychotherapy Help Me?

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

People seek therapy for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes my clients have specific concerns that they want to resolve, like losing weight, changing careers, or developing healthier habits. Sometimes people see me because they want to feel happier, more productive, or more in control of their lives.

Because the Treasure Valley is such a progressive, socially conscious and health conscious community, I often have clients seek my services to help them become their “best selves” living a meaningful and fulfilling life that reflects their values.

But the real reason for — and the real value of — good psychotherapy is that it helps you be more successful in achieving whatever goals you have for yourself. To have an accountability partner and a guide that can offer you feedback, new ideas, and emotional support during your change process can make all the difference between your creating a new reality…. or continuing to spin your wheels and wishing that things were different.

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