My Services

Family Counseling helps families to achieve optimal functioning when a child's behaviors overwhelm the families ability to cope. I observe the child's interactions and behaviors while simultaneously providing a high level of emotional support to the family. 

Behind the scenes I develop and oversee the implementation of a positive behavior support plan, monitor the progress, and coordinate the implementation of the positive behavioral support plan across environments, while providing consultation to other services providers and families.


Counseling helps families by allowing a trained professional to pinpoint problematic behaviors and how all people involved in the child's life can best deal with those behaviors. Each families path towards change may be different but the focus on health remains the same.

In order to access Therapeutic Consultation the family will need to complete a EPSDT form and submit it to the Children's DD department for approval (I can help with this process). Children who access family direct services are able to access Therapeutic Consultation.

In order to access Therapeutic Consultation & Crisis Intervention services the family has to contact their case manager and express desire to access the service. The family also needs to tell the case manager which provider they would like to use, a request to access the service will then be submitted by the case manager. Once the request is approved services may start. This service does not take away from the child's traditional budget so it will not affect the number of hours they currently have for HS, HI, FT, IT, or Respite Care.

Crisis Intervention is Available to Families through similar processes.

I provide therapeutic consultation to families whose children are not eligible for Medicaid

Contact me to discuss options and cost.

Individual Services

Are you tired of the emotional frustration of trying to make changes on your own? Does it feel like you're trying to keep six basketballs underwater?  Counseling can help adults to change habits.  Weight management, tobacco cessation, and social skills for example. It can be hard  to see destructive patterns in our lives. My observations and identification of what is causing the pattern to continue may provide you with the information you need to succeed.

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